I hand make bracelets, necklaces, and earrings! I also gladly accept custom orders!

Hi! my name is Kim! I'm a proud military child who was born in San Antonio Texas. we didn't travel as much as some military families, but I was fortunate to have spent 4 years in a small town in Japan called Misawa. If you ever get the chance to go to Japan, I highly recommend going to rural towns and not just big cities like Tokyo! From Japan we moved to Delaware and decided to call it home. I live in Georgetown Delaware with my husband, 2 dogs, and a cat. I am also the proud mother of 4 amazing adult children. 2 boys and twin girls!

When boredom set in after a back surgery, I decided instead of buying bracelets from various shops on Esty that I could do it myself and would combine two of the things I really enjoyed, crystals and jewelry! I started out with a handful of strands of beads and the support of my husband... Danemom Treasures was born! Making bracelets went from a hobby to a passion very quickly. I wanted to learn more so I started making necklaces and then earrings, I still have so much more I'd like to add to the shop!

My 4 legged "children" take up what time I'm not creating something for the shop. Cyrus, my great dane, was the inspiration for the shop name. Having a great dane was a dream of mine that came true when we picked him up in December of 2020. Hes my sidekick, constant companion, protector, my quality control supervisor, and of course the face of Danemom Treasures. Bella is my footwarmer while i create. But at 12 years old that's ok! Ace is a junk yard cat that found us at about 4 weeks old. Hes not overly friendly unless you're me and everyone else is asleep!

Both my husband and I enjoy time outside and the wildlife found in and around our house. Having a house with plenty of woods and fields we see a lot of wildlife! We plant flowers to attract pollinators and have recently seen hummingbirds stopping by. We feed birds and squirrels year-round. The variety of birds we attract are amazing! My favorites so far have been indigo buntings and goldfinches. There's also plenty of woodpeckers to keep Cyrus wondering what's knocking in the trees! I like to sit outside at night a listen to the tree frogs while I meditate. I find the sound very soothing.

I strive to know as much as possible about the crystals i own and the crystal beads i have at Danemom Treasures! Its defiantly an ongoing process! If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me! I'd love to hear from you!

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